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Applications Table for Materials Cast

Applications table for materials cast showing examples of real world usages.

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Applications Table For Materials Cast

A356 T6Structural aircraft seating parts, automotive transmission cases, aircraft fittings and control parts, electronic enclosures. Other applications where excellent castability and good weldability, pressure tightness, and good resistance to corrosion are required.
7075High strength forgings for aircraft seating, latches where strength to weight ratios are critical.
ADC12General purpose alloy, good fluidity, can be clear powder painted and finished with various chemical treatments.
LM25Applications include marine, food, transport and electrical industries.
6061Electrical fittings, brake components, valve parts, marine fittings, aerospace, rail coaches, truck frames.
6082Structural applications and transport/ automotive.
AB2High strength bearings and bushes, valve plates, pump bodies and marine applications.
SCB3General purpose, free machining grade. Water pump bodies, impellors
PB2General uses include unlined bearings for heavy compressive loads and shock, piston rings, axle boxes, gear wheels, centrifugal castings, and castings which require good wear resistance.
HTB1HTB1 and other high tensile brass castings are used extensively for wear-resisting applications because of their strength. HTB1 is also used for marine propellers, pump impellers and valve bodies due to its high corrosion resistance.
HTB3HTB3 has the highest strength of our brass casting alloys but is susceptible to stress corrosion, which limits its applications to those involving wholly compressive stresses.
G1Although these alloys are now no longer used for gun parts the term “gunmetal” has remained in use; they are used today in many different engineering and electrical applications. Gun metal has good casting characteristics, particularly as an investment casting, and so is often employed in the production of pump casings and similar components where comparatively high strength conjunction with pressure tightness and good corrosion resistance are important requirements.
Silicon BronzeSilicon Bronze is used for art casting and electrical applications. It has excellent fluidity and casting soundness and can be polished to a high level. It can easily be TIG welded for cosmetic repairs.
Silicon BrassExcellent fluidity and casting characteristics make this brass alloy a preferable alternative to standard 60/40 brasses. Ideal for electrical and general engineering applications.

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