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The Benefits of Simulation Software for the Investment Casting Industry

Published - 23rd Nov 2020

If you are involved with producing or using metal castings, you know making a reliable, high-quality cast part is the key to success.

New technology used alongside traditional methods is drastically improving quality, reducing lead times and cutting costs. In this article, we discuss the benefits of casting simulation software.


What is Casting Simulation? Why should I use it?

Simulation software is a relatively new technology, designed to improve the efficiency of the investment casting process, that is fast becoming an industry standard. It allows our engineers to simulate the casting process and to identify, up-front, issues that would normally be noticed post-casting (such as air entrapment, porosity and cold shuts).

Our engineers can then quickly implement corrective actions to the design and run a fresh iteration of the simulation to assess the result.

The software imports a 3D model onto a computer where the system will provide guidance on how many risers or feedgates are required, where they should be placed and what size and shape to use for the sprues and runners.

By combining this with our many years of experience and knowledge it is possible to simulate and visualise, on a computer screen, the entire casting process, including pouring, solidification and shrinkage formation. Using the information collated, we can fine-tune the design through several design iterations without producing a tool or pouring any metal.

This means we are able to significantly reduce the time and cost of process development and get the casting right first time.

The major benefits of utilising Investacast’s casting simulation process are:

  • An improved casting quality
  • “Right first time”
  • Reduced lead times through fewer design iterations
  • Lower cost during the design phase
  • Reduced scrap

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