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Cost Efficiencies for Aircraft Seating Components

Published - 6th Jun 2022

How Investacast achieves cost-downs through casting and forging seat components that are traditionally machined-from-solid

Many aircraft seating components are traditionally machined-from-solid, i.e. taking a billet of metal and removing material using CNC machine tools to achieve the desired geometry. This process can be costly both in terms of processing time and material.

Investacast has a track record of helping its customers significantly reduce manufacturing costs by converting machined components to forged or cast, without compromising on quality.

Engineering expertise from Investacast

Investacast provides expert advice on how to design components for manufacture to retain the desired mechanical properties, whilst saving on cost.

We actively engage with aircraft seating designers to find the best solution for their needs, taking account of their specifications including the desired mechanical and aesthetic properties of the application. Often, the most cost-effective solution is to manufacture high quality aircraft seating components by forging or casting.

Over 35 years’ experience in aircraft seating supply

Investacast has substantial experience in supplying the aircraft seating industry with precision high-strength structural investment castings, forgings and pressure die castings.

Our facilities in the UK include a research and development centre equipped with state-of-the-art casting simulation software and rapid prototyping capabilities. We also provide end-to-end control and management of a global manufacturing supply chain to ensure we deliver our solutions at the best commercial outcome for our customers.

Typically, high strength 17-4PH grade stainless steel investment castings are used within the seat structure and our precision casting technique can achieve extremely thin-walled castings down to 1.5mm locally, with a mechanical strength of > 1100 MPa, and with excellent ductility.

Other seat components such as food tray arms and sliders are typically manufactured by the closed die forging method in 7075T6 grade high-strength aluminium. We offer fully finished, machined and anodised product for these aesthetically and mechanically demanding components.

Pressure die casting products in Aluminium alloys such as A380 and A356 can also be used for structurally demanding areas of the seat such as armrest pivots and food tray arms. The ability to achieve tight tolerances along with the excellent surface finish and repeatability of the process makes it an excellent choice for such components.

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