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Pressure Die Casting Finishes

Published - 8th Dec 2020

What finishes are available for pressure die castings?

As with other casting processes, there are a variety of different finishing types available for pressure die castings, some of which lend themselves to certain materials and applications. The finish of a component can be critical to its performance, with certain applications demanding properties such as resistance to wear and corrosion.

Types of finishes that we can offer

Anodising is a non-conductive protective coating which seals the component from the elements. Two types of anodising areGlass Bead Blast Finish available for pressure die castings; black anodising and hard anodising. These methods are an affordable way to create a durable and corrosion resistant part. Anodising is traditionally used with aluminium components and takes advantage of the natural oxide film, which is an extremely thin layer that is formed on the surface of the aluminium when exposed to the air.

Chromate is a cost-effective chemical treatment coating, which forms a protective surface over aluminium or zinc. Chromate is electrically conductive and, being relatively inexpensive, is ideal for large quantities of small parts.

E-Cote is an electronically-applied paint coating, which was originally developed for the automotive industry due to it being economical, corrosion resistant and also providing excellent coverage. E-Cote can cover any metal that conducts electricity such as, aluminium, zinc, brass and steel.

Black Oxide is traditionally used with ferrous metals but also with copper and provides a protective, corrosion-resistant coating. As suggested by its name, it has a uniformed black finish, which does not alter or affect the dimensions of the part post-casting.

Powder Coating is a type of coating which forms a skin over the casting once heated. Powder coating is tough, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and produces a high-quality finish. Powder coated products are highly resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals and ultraviolet light, reducing the risks of scratches, chips, abrasions, fading and other wear and tear issues.

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